Wynnewood, Pennsylvania:

Tucked in a private hamlet, adjacent to the famed Sydbury Mansion is Weiss’s latest trendsetting home - 424 Sydbury Lane. Weiss embraces the rich architectural heritage of Wynnewood and infuses it with modern touches for a totally fresh look.

English Norman architectural elements of steep roof pitches, rounded conservatories and prominent chimneys are effortlessly blended with the newest sleek and smooth materials of glass, stainless steel, stone (Trillium) and polished concrete.  Natural colors of wood, chocolate brown, black and cream work together to create sophistication reminiscent of 5th Avenue.


"Constructing a home and designing a home are two very different disciplines.  Examples of well-designed but poorly constructed or poorly designed but well-constructed products can be found in fashion, furniture, automobiles and mechanical engineering. 

Every home I build is driven by my relentless pursuit of finding the perfect intersection of Design-excellence and innovation in architecture, site planning and interior design and by my pursuit of exquisite workmanship and rigorous adherence to quality standards.

Excellence in both design and construction are at the core of what we do."

- mark k. weiss