site planning

424 Sydbury is a 1.134 acre lot.  The lot is served by public sewer, water and gas. 

The lot is partially wooded, sloping and private.  The house has been positioned to face the street, and maximize privacy and to allow for the basement to be at finished grade for light and access. The house is situated to face south and driveway positioning and grading offers a courtyard style drive.   Boulder retaining walls anchor the house to the site and ensure privacy. Water drainage has been designed to collect water in a subsurface drainage basin at the low end of the site.  Trees have been preserved. 

architectural elevation

A great elevation is like a work of art:  Massing, balance, proportion and scale are all carefully considered when designing roof pitch, wall heights, eave depth, window locations and sizes. Finish materials, textures and colors are utilized to finalize the composition. 

Design Home Pool

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